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On the world-wide web, we would like to serve your needs in marketing for research and consultation in areas we are advancing. 

We are inviting students, research workers and other professionals to order all our publications.

An example is the latest on molecular mechanisms to control microbial life in applied problems like forage ensilage and forage digestion as an alternate approach to using hormones, antibiotics and is GMO-free.  Outstanding and true at "SkyeBlue"!

We have put a moratorium on all GMO testing using Biotech for Micro-organismal, Animal, Crop, Human and Other Environmental Applications.

Our Principal Once Commented...

I read the recent published volume and commented as to how breathtaking the technologies are as presented and as the book hints on how science measures up to our societal needs to keep on going green to help save the planet. 

In future, this applies to food nutraceuticals, pharma or drugs, animal products and crops - including our specialization on low-quality byproduct feeds utilization, biorenewable materials (see:  Isobenzoprene nitrile - IBPN), including bioenergy from fibre fermentation such as bioethanol and biokerosene for avionics or flight, from the former, via our proposed proprietary process of chain polymer synthesis, using energy inputs from H2(g), hydro, geothermal and solar/wind power (see: Organische Chemie) at "SkyeBlue".

"SKYE" - writer; trade biotechnologist

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Bringing ideas to explore new opportunities for research and development in the Asia-Pacific Region or Rim. 

Open phone line  to query- D. A. Flores, Principal

+011-604-945-8408 (l.. d. via phone card or mobile phone applies.)


E-mail club is further defined via (R)'s package with e-databases of members thru networking and through word-of-mouth.

Open Phone Line query- D. A. Flores, Principal

+011-604-945-8408 (See: above.)


The UPS Store (TM) in Canada, will be as a mail depot for the region, viz. the Pacific Rim. We already have contacts in Australia, the Philippines and, hopefully, soon-to-be in Ecuador in South America.  

Open Phone Line query - D. A. Flores, Principal

+011-604-945-8408 (See: above.)